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HR nowadays

Many people think that the HR department only handles recruiting and administration tasks. Sure, hiring & firing employees or processing payrolls cannot miss from the department’s responsibilities. However, in today’s fast-paced business environment, the human resources teams need to step up their game and adapt...

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Romania seen through foreign investor eyes

I am a Romanian businessman, but I consider myself lucky for being born in a time when business became borderless. In other words, I’ve been interacting with non-Romanian partners for almost 10 years. So, since this text is in English, you are surely interested in...

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Top 3+3 business destinations

The famous business publication Forbes provides, on its website, an updated list of friendly countries towards entrepreneurs and other businessmen. I have visited a few of these countries, reason for which I’m taking the liberty to nuance the comments of Forbes, as follows: Top 3 Developed...

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