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Starting up a startup (2): How to build your team

The previous article described some methods to create and validate a business idea as an entrepreneur at the start of your road. You have already seen that you must take care of all the details to increase your chances of success. But that doesn't mean...

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The Blockchain is created by and for Millennials

We have talked about millennials repeatedly. In this article, I intend to talk more in-depth about their financial and investment behaviour to prove that the Blockchain Revolution is made not only by but also for this group of people. Millennials, also called Generation Y, refer to...

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Attracting investors: Romania versus The World

Over the last decade, I've built my professional life as an investor, focusing on 3 key areas: financial services, real estate and tech startups. I’ve participated in the setup and development of two major fintechs, and after those two successful exits I’m now directing my...

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