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The Revolution of AI in Businesses

Over the years, as I navigated through various business domains, I encountered operational challenges and efficiency bottlenecks. From tech start-ups and fintech to real estate and green energy, my entrepreneurial journey has been marked by innovation. The rapid advancements in AI over the past decade have...

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Why Are All Big Companies Firing?

With over 12 years of experience in the business environment, my investment portfolio is both diversified and extensive. From nurturing early-stage startups in tech to investing in groundbreaking ventures in green energy and real estate, my day-to-day activities center around analyzing market trends and making...

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Building a brokerage house – the basics

Thinking about my prospects made me realize that most of us are about to witness an irreversible shift in the way we live our lives. Many businesses were caught off-guard by this change, but, in all fairness, predictions have long since come true. With the world...

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Attracting investors: Romania versus The World

Over the last decade, I've built my professional life as an investor, focusing on 3 key areas: financial services, real estate and tech startups. I’ve participated in the setup and development of two major fintechs, and after those two successful exits I’m now directing my...

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