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About me - Tab 2
My experience for more than 10 years lies in the “fintech” and online trading industry startups, where I managed and led strong teams in global companies with hundreds or thousands of employees. I had access to innovative technologies, efficient processes and most importantly people – mainly entrepreneurs and investors – on a global level.
About me - Tab 2

As I transitioned from the “corporate world” to entrepreneurship and investing, my aim was always to find businesses in which I can invest not only capital, but also to provide know how and support for the entrepreneurs and their teams. I have a hands-on approach, as I want to apply all the knowledge and my experience, by mentoring and working along the team. I already have proven success in taking companies “from scratch” and growing them to successful exits, by hard work and data driven decisions, so this is a motivation that I want to bring in every team I join by investing in the business.


In the past, ideas and investments were judged by “instinct” – and I was the only deciding factor. I still trust my instincts, but with time and experience, I now choose to rely on a team of experts and data driven decisions. More about the way I invest today can be found on my dedicated TVP Family Office page.


I strongly believe in the power of the Eastern European business environment to rise above the “outsource” paradigm and become an innovation hotspot. In the last few years, we’ve seen a plethora of new ideas that shaped the innovation landscape, not only in IT or Fintech but also in many other industry fields, like E-commerce, Medical or Real Estate. The number of SMEs, successful entrepreneurs and talented people is constantly growing, so I hope I can inspire other investors to join me and strengthen our place on the world’s business map.

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About me - Tab 2

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