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My favorite quote is

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”
From this point of view, I consider myself a lucky man.

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I am an angel investor, an entrepreneur with multiple successful exits, and the founder and managing partner of a multinational company. I had opportunities, and a lot of preparation to get here.

Growing up in a small town, my first education was the one I received at home, as a child and teenager – and it was all about hard work and being responsible. I moved to Bucharest when I started college, I studied International Economic Relations at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, complete with a Masters’, and also got a degree in Law – as I thought the two of them complete each other.


I started working early, while still studying, first with small IT projects – but the real breakthrough came when I started work for a multinational company operating globally in online trading on financial markets. For me it was fascinating – not only working in a multinational company, but especially the online trading and financial markets. Here I learned the challenges of a truly global business, how to innovate technologically and most of all what “business development” means.


Hard work always pays off, and as my results were very good for the company, “preparation met opportunity”.

I was offered a stock option plan, so when the company was acquired by one of the giants of the industry, for a deal which was substantial, that was my first successful exit.

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I continued in the same industry as the CEO of the Romanian branch of a similar company. I applied all I knew from my first experience and it paid off. I developed the business, improved the technology, marketing and overall business processes. The success gave me the option to pursue my entrepreneurial dream of “having my own company”.


In parallel, I started investing in technological startups and real estate – as I’m always focused on innovation and creating “real” value. I like to invest in local startups with potential, but also in international innovative ideas.

I founded another fintech which is now a global multinational company, with hundreds of employees and offices in countries on all continents. I’m working every day on this project, mentoring and motivating my team by applying all that I’ve learned in the past.


My passion will always remain the financial markets. It’s a dynamic and engaging field, and like me, “always on”. I’m deeply connected with the markets not only through my main business, but in all my life – as I am a long-time investor, and an active trader.

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3 Major Exists

Licenses & Certifications

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Various online modules on Management and Finance

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International Introduction to Securities and Investment
Compliance in Marketing and Promoting of Financial Products

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International Business Communication – ASE
Master in International Business Communication – ASE

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HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL Online courses on different topics such as Leadership Principles,Alternative Investments etc.

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Issuing authority Autoritatea de Supraveghere Financiara Issued 2009 – no expiration date

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Law Degree

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